Android Question RDC (Remote Database Connector) and Access mdb database


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I tried the method of Erel RDC with dadabases MySQL / Sqlite.
The remote connection on the local LAN works fine.
I think RDC is very interesting and important.
I now need to connect Android client to MS Access database.
Is it possible?
which driver should I use?
what code should I put in

Thanks and sorry for the English ... I'm Italian

Hello Antonio


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Anybody Have any luck getting ucanaccess to work. I got the driver to load but I continually get given file does not exist error when I try to run a query. Perhaps I am not formatting it right? This driver requires the Jackcess .jar as well as one other. I put those in the lib directory as directed (I think) does the RDC need a class reference to them in the config file as well? Or do those 'other files also belong in the jdbc_driver directory? There are references to environment variables as well. Do those need to be set?

here is
#This is the port for the JAVA Remote DataBase Server
#If Debug is true then this file will be reloaded on every query.
#This is useful if you need to modify the queries.

sql.GetEmployees=SELECT Emp_Num, Emp_FirstName, Emp_LastName, Emp_AllowEdits, Emp_Rate FROM Employees WHERE (Emp_Inactive=0);

and here is a portion of the log'


Any ideas greatly appreciated.
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How many recors are there in the tables?
How many tables are in you database?
Try this:
If you use memory=false system write same log file in your drive which contains you database;
if you use memory=true system write log file in your ram memory (this is the best thing) (be sure that you have 2-4Gb ram).
if you have tables that do not use, you better to create new database which contains linked tables that you use.
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