Android Question Read and Write randomly from/to Random Access File


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Most of the examples with the raf seem to sequentially read from RandomAccessFiles files using CurrentPosition which is updated on each read.

If I open a previously created file and wish to read or write an object (a Type structure) at some location in the file presumably I do not have to read all of the objects from the start up to the one I want in order to get its position (which would be sequential access rather than random access).

Is it a case of working out the size of the type (in bytes) and then reading from the location set by object index*size of object (possibly getting the size by reading the first object and using the change in currentposition)?

Or is there a size mechanism for Typed objects that I could use?

This process will of course not work with variable length strings in the object but then a true random access file could not handle writing of new variable length objects into the middle of the file anyway.