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Is it possible that you can convert a mobile phone number to a WhatsApp name.
For example you have the following number: 515 21441 and then I would like to know the username of the person who uses WhatsApp.
Thank you for your help

the code to download:

I've finally made it.
I will upload the project soon and make it available for everyone to download.
I guess in the next few days, maybe even tomorrow.
Thanks again to you guys, great forum!

So it took a while, because I'm currently working on a big software project.
Therefore I could continue only now with B4A...
Meanwhile time I have the code so far,
that you can start a WhatsApp call with a cell phone number.
It works so far well, but there is still one error.
If one has started a WhatsApp call and then minimizes WhatsApp.
Comes simply a message that a call is already started.
Unfortunately I could not fix this error.
Would be cool if someone can still improve this!
I would also like to say that I am a beginner and the code should certainly be written much better. Therefore please understand.
I uploaded the code to help others.
Who also have the same project in B4A.
PS: I use a language translator from German to English.

Downloadlink to the project:


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