Android Question Receive data from ARDUINO (HC05/06 or others) to B4A ESPECIALLY in bluetooth


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For an RC project I would like be able exchange BLUETOOTH data between ARDUINO and B4A, other direction(B4A --> arduino) works very well,
My arduino software is written for a long time and I use severals ADAFRUIT libraries (Adafruit_PWMServoDrive . . . and others) I'm not sure that B4R allows me to keep theses libraries and the futures ones to come, so I want to stay on real ARDUINO language, the one I know well, write fast enough.
I communicate very well from B4A to ARDUINO with HC 05 or 06, BUT I don't know how to receive my data from ARDUINO to B4A.
For several days I have been reading TUTORIALS, CODE SNIPPETS, SHARE YOUR CREATIONS from ANYWHERE SOFTWARE pages without finding anything as examples or lines I can use,
Who can help me, or give me a few lines of code to receive my data from the real ARDUINO software?
Are there better components than HC 05/06 that will make my job easier, more efficient?
Thanks all for help.
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