Regarding B4A Developer License


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How many installations can I have of B4A?

I'm a single developer, but I want to work on my laptop and desktop. Usually I would just go ahead and install on multiple devices and see, but given how B4A checks when you install and asks for your code and email, I'm worried that It might deactivate my account thinking I'm trying to distribute the License.

The same question arises if I need to reinstall my computer, or if I want to work on a VM of another OS...

So the question is, what are the limitations to installing B4A, if any?

Peter van Hoof

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I currently do not have a license but am planning on doing so in the next few days but have some questions.

-Am I able to move a license from one computer to another?
-Do I need to purchase my license on one of the computers i wish to install it on?
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