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  1. bdiscount

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    I need help in setting a program in the registry so it is recognized to use the buttons and associate for a base program ie sbp. I know that is assoc with basic4ppc
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    Using a "Regedit" kinda app i found what follows:

    My Device\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT - this seems to be the place were all the relations are stored...

    Here I foud almost all the file extensions used in my device, and some i didn't even knew about..

    \.bmp has the fallowing keys:
    Name - Data
    Content type - Image/bmp
    Default - bmpimage
    PerceyvedType - image

    This configuration seems to be common to almost all extensions keys....
    After this I found this in the same root


    and subs
    \DefaultIcon - the file were the icon is
    \Shell - contains sub keys
    \Shellex - not common to all the keys i've looked into

    Under \Shell we have..

    and the string value

    Name - value
    Default - "Windows\IA_Zip.exe" "%1"

    this is from the zip app...
    the "%1" part seems to indicate that with the main app also the clicked file should open....

    This info has not been tested and , being this a regestry issue , I advise to be carefull with your actions...

    Hope this helped
  3. Cableguy

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    After a few attempts I was able to set the file association bettwen the sbp files and the basic4ppc.exe and display the icon in the sbp files...When i have time I'll post the procedure in the "share..." section...
  4. bdiscount

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    thanks for your reply but that is not what i'm looking for. I want to be able to assign a program written by me to a button on the Axim(dell).
  5. Cableguy

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    There are a few freeware app that can do what you intend, try the tucows gallery