iOS Question Remote Database Connector (RDC) connection error

Marco Maria Vilucchi

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i'm using RDC with B4I, but i have an issue. I'm Marco and i'm working with Amed.
I explane:
When i work at Amed's home (PC and iPad connected to the modem) RDC works.
When i use my phone as hotspot (i connect my PC and my iPad to thw hotspot) RDC works.
When i work at my home (PC and iPad connected to the modem) RDC doesn't work.
Simply the connector wait.... (no new message from program execution)


and the program have an error:
Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -1001.)
(I think this is a time out error cause it comes only after many seconds).

What appens?
Someone can help me?

PS modem firewall is disconnected