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Hi This question is to know if i have not used the b4i for the last year and a half that my compiler access code is still valid a if i try to compile something like the b4ibridge it said invalid user id

If so do i have to rebuy the b4i or just the server access at 26$/Year i think or the whole thing.

I don't want to use the latest version of the compiler as i use the version 7 something wich i was using the las time i compile an app, and i don't want to post this on the playstore or apple store,
I use a iphone 6s with the latest ios version, and an ipad vers 9.x wich is 32 bits, and that is my target for now, i know that if i use the latest version of b4i it will compile only for 64bits wich my tablet is not 64bits, this is mosly for internal programming.

Other question do i still have to get the apple developper account , my old account is deleted and not in use anymore, i just want to compile a small app on my old ipad in 32bits without the bell and whisles of the latest version (I realy don't like apple BTW).

And i beleive that the new compiler is for version ios10+ so if i compile something on the remote computer will it only run on version 10+ or can i used it for vers9.x cause if it's all the case i wont even bother to compile the b4ibridge, buy the licence to compile, and the developper account, that will not be interresting just for a small app on my ipad.

So if somewhone knows the answers to this, please light up my lantern here cause i can't see anymore where i'm going with apple (rotten). Thanks..


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Propably @Erel would be the most suitable to answer this but I do not think there are versions of the Hosted Builder. As far as my knowledge goes it constantly updates to the most recent version of XCode and of the frameworks. Further more as far as my knowledge goes again, it is a subscription based service so it is charged in a timely manner and not in use oriented manner (and this is logical since @Erel rents online macs for us to enjoy compiling for the i-Phones). You have to plan your app developing constantly for the most recent versions of iOS in order to reach more devices. For the developer account you definitely have to own one because otherwise you cannot create certificates and provision profiles.
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