Android Question Resource directory path, where should it go?

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Beja, Mar 30, 2015.

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    ERROR: resource directory 'C:\Users\Abc\Programming\android-sdk_r24.0.2-windows\extras\google\google_play_services\libproject\google-play-services_lib\res' does not exist

    I have the above error from a project and want to change it to the path of the resource directory in my computer..
    \couldn't find a (place) in Tools\configure paths) so where should I put this path?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Erel

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    This error is related to a misconfigured #AdditionalRes attribute.
  3. DonManfred

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    #Region  Project Attributes
    #ApplicationLabel: B4A TEST2
    #VersionCode: 1
    'SupportedOrientations possible values: unspecified, landscape or portrait.
        #SupportedOrientations: unspecified
    #CanInstallToExternalStorage: False
    #AdditionalRes: C:\Users\Abc\Programming\android-sdk_r24.0.2-windows\extras\google\google_play_services\libproject\google-play-services_lib\res
    #End Region
    @Beja Change the #AdditionalRes attribute to fit the path on your pc
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    "Ich wüßte nicht wo aus noch ein" :)
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