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Note: This applies to the PC

The compiled executables that B4PPC produces usually don't have the correct information within them. For example, if you place a compiled program in the apps directory for PortableAppsMenu the program icon will be listed, but not the name. This is because these programs get information from the resource area (usually in the "Version Info" section)

One way that I have found to fix this is with Resource Hacker:

Resource Hacker

Here is an example resource that I corrected for the Windiff program:
               VALUE "CompanyName", "Microsoft Corporation"
      VALUE "FileDescription", "File comparison utility"
      VALUE "FileVersion", "5.2.3790.0 (srv03_rtm.030324-2048)"
      VALUE "InternalName", "WINDIFF.EXE"
      VALUE "LegalCopyright", "© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved."
      VALUE "OriginalFilename", "WINDIFF.EXE"
      VALUE "ProductName", "MS WinDiff"
      VALUE "ProductVersion", "5.2.3790.0"
Looking at the resource area for snip (a B4PPC utility written by tremera, used to store snips of code) shows this:

               VALUE "FileDescription", " "
      VALUE "FileVersion", ""
      VALUE "InternalName", "1.exe"
      VALUE "LegalCopyright", " "
      VALUE "OriginalFilename", "1.exe"
      VALUE "ProductVersion", ""
      VALUE "Assembly Version", ""
Adding a value for ProductName with Resource Hacker fixes the entry for the PortableAppsMenu.
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