Retrieve table filter from the filtered table?

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by LineCutter, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. LineCutter

    LineCutter Active Member Licensed User

    Is there a way to retrieve the table filter from the table, rather than the somewhat more inelegant method of saving it to a global variable every time it's changed?


    sub pick_a_value
    'user picks a value & operator to filter table by
    end sub

    sub Get_the_rest
    'This sub adds up the scores for all table entries apart from those already chosen
    'table1.filter("value<>"&a) 'Ooops, looks like we need 2 global variables!
    'Put things back as they were (for no real reason in this example)
    end sub
  2. Ricky D

    Ricky D Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Doesn't look like it

    Doesn't look like you can.

    The Filter part of the table is a method that sets the filter. It's not a property like CaseSensitive or Cell .etc.

    regards, Ricky
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