Android Question Return StdViewPager ?


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Hi there

I have a StdViewPager inside each customlistview item. I want to scroll to a particular page of the pager within some customlistview item.

1. I am able to scroll to each item after finding the value of the item with.

Sub ListViewScrollToValue(lstView As CustomListView, Value As String) As Int
    Dim lstTot As Int
    Dim lstCnt As Int
    Dim lstStr As String
    lstTot = lstView.GetSize - 1
    For lstCnt = lstTot To 0 Step -1
        lstStr = lstView.GetValue(lstCnt)
        Select Case lstStr
        Case Value
            Return lstCnt
        End Select
End Sub

and this works perfectly.

2. Now I try to get the StdViewPager within the panel and have problems

user_to = m.Get("user_to")
    ' get the panel at the position returned with ListViewScrollToValue
    pnl = lstFriends.GetPanel(pos)
    ' loop through each view in the panel
    For Each v As View In pnl.GetAllViewsRecursive
        vTag = v.tag
        ' if its a pager it will have a tag property of 'pager1...n'
        If vTag = "pager" & user_to Then
            ' return this pager and scroll to a certain page
        End If

How do I return the pager to a global variable and scroll to a particular page (bold), log(v) does provide a map of the control however I cant access this?

Any advice anyone?