Android Question Reverse engineer my own test apk ?


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Hi all,

I was developing an app using b4a a few years ago now, got about 70% of the way through, but then life got in the way of completing it, i am now looking to pick up where i left off but i have managed to lose all my b4a project work, all i have been able to find is the apk file that i had emailed to someone to test,

my question is this, can i reverse engineer, or edit the apk from b4a? it was a test apk, so there was no protection placed on the file, or at least i never got to the point of looking at protecting the contents or securing it if there even was a way,

can anyone advise? I would hate to have to start from scratch,

also to say, this is entirely my work and not an attempt to edit someone elses hard work!


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Writing it from scratch will take 1% of the time it will take to reverse engineer it. Even if you got the java code back (and that is a big if), you will never be able to get the B4A code back.
Swallow it, and make a backup plan. (which reminds me, I need to offsite my local backups).


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Short answer: NO.

Long answer; The source code on B4A is translated to java, and this java its compiled. Nowadays its relatively easy to get the java code from the APK, but currently, there is no way to convert that java back to B4A.