B4A Class Reverse geolocation with OpenStreetMap

Hello developers,
i wrote a simple class to obtain the full address (if available) from a given Latitude and Longitude location.
The address, along other more or less useful info, is obtained from the online nominatim server that makes use of the OpenStreetMap.

The pros is that it doesn't require any key or registration ,
the cons is that it doesn't allow a massive usage, see their policy

The class tries to comply to their policy but can be improved, for example caching results and use cached results when possible.

Feel free to improve it!
the class doesn't require any special Android permission.

Find attached a fully working project with the class inside.



  • reversegeo.zip
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Nice job Davide, thanks.
It's a pity most of the addresses doesn't have the street number. But for free ....


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uhmm ... testing it around Milan, I can't see any street number in display_address key