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    roPickX is a helper app, which lists items to pick from, then copy. The copied content has to be inserted manuelly in the target window. It can be set to stay on top, so always easy to reach out.
    I am using this handy app while developing. Some templates are included in the Objects folder.
    An Exe file is also included in the Objects folder. Source is well commented.
    Read the help file ropickx.html (in the Objects folder) for more about it's functionality.

    Download here.

    Version Control
    20150910 (v1.1)NEW:BJL Layout;NEW:Copy item Toastmessage;UPD:Exit button; FIX: Delete File
    20150711 (v1.0)NEW:First Version


    ToDo: Drag and Drop pick item content into the active B4X Edit Window - have not found suitable solution yet.

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    Update 20150919
    NEW:Converted the layout from JavaFX Scene Builder FXML to the B4J Visual Designer
    NEW:Copy item to clipboard shows Toastmessage for 1 second
    UPD:Exit button changed from image to standard button with tooltip
    FIX: Delete File without using the filechooser

    Download - see Post #1

    This is the first application for which the layout has been converted to the B4J Internal Designer (Visual Designer)
    A good learning, esp. about Menu design, which took the most effort... but when understanding the concept, it went pretty straight both using the Designer to create the JSON string as well as in the code by using a Menumap and define the actions. Had to explore (a bit) how to use a CheckMenuItem with the Selected property.
    Have replaced also the JavaFX HBox Control. This was done by defining layout controls properties in the script area (use nnn%x etc.).
    For specific CSS styles used an external CSS file, but also the control property Extra CSS (a powerfull feature).
    Overall happy with the result:

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