B4J Question Run B4J GUI Client application from Server


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Maybe there answers for my question in the forum but I can not find them.

I like to run my Client GUI application from the server.
I know web-start is a option.
Also a shortcut to the server can help.

What I try to do is, use a non-UI server to start the application from a web-page.
But when I use JShell the application start on the server and this is exactly not my meaning.

I think that I miss something.
Is there an easy way to do this.

Many thanks for help.


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A better option is to create a web app instead.
If I write a WEB APP I have to rewrite my Client again. Months of work has to be rewritten.
This is not a option for me because I need the nice JavaFX GUI.
I will find a way.
Many thanks Erel.