Android Question Save a SpannableString to sql databae


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Is it possible to save a formatted text (SpannableString) in a Edittext to sql databae.
And retrieve it to a label to edittext as same as it formatted.

If it is not possible then can any put me in a right path to do the following.
01. a page editor upload/save a formatted(bold,size,color) text to mysql database
02. reader view the text as same as the page editor formatted.

Thank you.


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Not automatically. You will need to save the styling information and later reapply it.
Thanks Erel, I got your idea. But the styling is a JavaObject. So in which field type I can save the styling in Mysql database. In text or int or blob or in any other type.
The Code is below.

Dim Txt as  JavaObject
Txt = SetRTFString("Sample String is here")

SetTextColor(Txt, Colors.Magenta, 0, 5)

    Dim Edittext1 As EditText
    Edittext1.Text = Txt

Sub SetRTFString(AString As String) As JavaObject
    Dim jo As JavaObject
    Return jo.InitializeNewInstance("android.text.SpannableString", Array As Object(AString))
End Sub

Sub SetTextColor(ScanText As JavaObject, AColor As Int, start As Int, ende As Int)
    Dim jo1, jo2 As JavaObject
    jo1 = jo2.InitializeNewInstance("", Array As Object(AColor))
    ScanText.RunMethod("setSpan", Array As Object(jo1, start, ende, 13))
End Sub


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You can use CSBuilder or RichString to build the styled text:

1. Create a custom type that holds the information that you need to create the style.
2. Add all these type instances to a List and convert it to an array of bytes with B4XSerializator. You can save the bytes in a BLOB field.