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Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by sahoopes, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. sahoopes

    sahoopes Member Licensed User

    These things are a dime a dozen for PPC but they usually have limitations such as image format, limited timer functions, etc. So I designed this one to address the complaints I've seen about other screen capture apps.

    There are many settings but most are explanatory. And the code (I hope) is easy to follow. I'm very interested in comments and suggestions.

    PS: Thank you to Basic4PPC, dzt, agraham, and all the developers and contributors here.:sign0188:

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  2. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Hello sahoopes,
    I had tried your program some time ago, but it didn't work.
    At that time I tested it with *.jpg image format, in between I know that WM 2003 doesn't support the saving functions, of the dzImage library, for *.jpg and *.gif formats but it works for *.bmp files.

    I needed screenshots for my wine cellar manager program help file and have used it.
    Works fine !
    The multiple screenshots is a very nice and convenient feature.

    Thank's for this program.

    I made some changes, especially for the filenames, I added the possibility to enter a generic filename and a beginning index instead of the time code.
    If you are intereted in, I can post the code.

    Best regards
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  3. sahoopes

    sahoopes Member Licensed User

    Thanks, Klaus. Please do post the code for all to use.
  4. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

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  5. raytronixsystems

    raytronixsystems Active Member Licensed User

    Screen Capture for Android IDE

    Will this code work in the Android environment? I'm looking for something that will run out of the b4a IDE to wireless preform screen captures of my Android phone. I can capture the emulator screen with a standard PC screen capture program but was looking for something that could be integrated into b4aBridge as part of the development environment. All would have to work with a non-rooted phone. Since we are already using the adb server, we would just need a wireless version of ddms.

    Erel - any comments on this? I'm sure we could all use something like this.

  6. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    This thread is for Basic4ppc. It will not work on Android.
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