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Just getting started here on B4i after using B4A for a few years. I did read the beginners guide (thank you) and can't figure this out. I'm sure it's something dumb on my part.

I have a simple test app with a label at the top and a button at the bottom of the the screen in portrait. Both have a parent of a panel which is 500 high. When the screen is rotated to landscape, the bottom button falls off the screen, which I expect, but I can't scroll down to it.

In B4A, I do 90%+ of my layouts in code. In this case, I would create a scrollview, and add the views to the scrollview. B4i Beginners guide states:
"Note that you should avoid adding views in code but use the Designer with Designer Scripts."

So, I'm trying to go back to learning the designer.

Any suggestions, or pointers where this has already been covered, appreciated.


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You can still add views by code in B4i.
You can define the ScrollView in the Designer, define a Panel with the views in the Designer but you need to add the Panel to the ScrollView.Panel in the code.
Be aware that the B4i ScrollView can scroll in both directions like ScrollView2D in B4A.
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