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I have a quick question about the tablets. I have layed out and tested my app for a 7" tablet , it runs only in landscape mode.

I bought a 7" tablet and it looks great on that tablet.

Also, I have read your documentation about scaling - I don't follow it 100%.

Question 1. I assume it will work and the displays will fit on a 10" tablet. Is that true?

Question 2. Without me changing my code of my displays will the 10" device scale the displays? or not?

Question 3. If the 10" device does not scale the displays larger what is the easiest way for me to change my code and layout to scale up to the 10" device.

I have two apps and each one has about 20 activities and layouts.

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You can check the scaling if you set up the appropriately sized emulators. It would also be easier to answer your questions if you uploaded at least one of the apps so we can check it. Bear in mind that the screen size may bear no actual relationship to the screen resolution - my phone screen actually has more pixels in both the horizontal and vertical directions than my inexpensive 10" tablet that I bought for testing. That is why scaling should be done in using dpi (device independent pixels) units - my apps scale well on all sizes.
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