Bug? screenshot w/picture shuts down debugger


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I added an ImageView called BackgroundPicture to the designer, sent it to the background and loaded a jpg picture in code with:
fireworkspic = LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "fireworks.jpg")
BackgroundPicture.Bitmap = fireworkspic

It display fine but if I try to take a screenshot in debug mode, debug mode crashes and no screenshot is taken. Screenshots tool stays open (the menu items dims), but b4i has gone from debug mode to normal mode.
If I don't load the picture it takes the screenshot fine.
I have experimented with different sizes of the ImageView, but no difference.

There is no logs created for the event, neither in b4i or in Windows Event Viewer.
I use the same picture background for the same app in b4a, and it takes the screenshot fine there.


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Screenshot works with a smaller ImageView.

BackgroundPicture ImageView settings in Designer:
w = width, h = height (left and top both 0)
100w x 300h = screenshot ok
150w x 200h = screenshot ok
200w x 200h = screenshot fail
150w x 300h = screenshot fail

That is far short of the 320w x 460h
that I use to cover the whole screen,
and that the app runs fine width.

(The jpg file size is 25kb and it is 427pixels wide by 380pixels,
and b4i (and b4a) fits it nicely onto the allotted imageview size)