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Is there a way to adjust the width of vertical scrollbar in a Scrollview,
and to make the scrollbar permanent ?

I have tried the following
( leveraging off of earlier helpful thread

Sub setVerticalScrollBar(vScrollView As View)
   ' - displays or hides the VerticalScrollBar of the ScrollView
    Dim jo = v As JavaObject      '  Requires Java Object library
   ' - Enable the scrollbar
    jo.RunMethod("setVerticalScrollBarEnabled", Array As Object (True))
   ' - Don't let Scrollbar fade  
    Dim iTimeBeforeFade As Int = 1800000     '  ( 30 minutes in milliseconds )
    jo.RunMethod("setScrollBarDefaultDelayBeforeFade", Array As Object (iTimeBeforeFade))
    ' - Increase width of Scrollbar   ' DOESN"T WORK - HAS NO NOTICABLE EFFECT
    Dim iScrollbarWidth As Int = 300  ' pixels  - *** value here doesn't seem to have any effect
    jo.RunMethod("setScrollBarSize", Array As Object (iScrollbarWidth ))
End Sub

A) I would like to have scrollbar be permanent - no timeout.
I tried using iTimeBeforeFade = 0 - that didn't work.
Is there another way to make it permanent ?

B) The setScrollBarSize doesn't seem to work for me regardless of what value I pass for width.
Is there any way to increase the width. The scrollbar is very hard to see and even harder to drag at it's default width.

Thank you.

- jeff


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Thank you. Of course it would have been great to accomplish what I wanted, but knowing that I can't saves a lot of headache. Your reply is appreciated.
- Jeff
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