Android Question ScrollView inside of ScollView2d

Robert Valentino

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I use ScrollView2D to allow my users to use a smaller screen then the size I need.

My app is designed for at least 7" 600 x 1024

If you have a smaller device having my main panel as a ScrollView2D (I can set it parameters to 600 x 1024) and you can scroll the screen around. Really cool and is only needed for viewing certain screen data.

On one of the viewing pages I also need a ScrollView that contains a list of information.

I thought I had this working at one time. But it seems that the user cannot change the scrolling position and even using setting the ScrollPosition or call ScrollToNow does not move the position.

Having a ScrollView2D as your main panel gives the ability to support any smaller screen sizes as long as the user is ok with scrolling the screen around

Is there ANY to get a ScrollView to scroll inside a ScrollView2D

Tried the function ScrollView2D . DisableTouchEventInterception no luck

I know the answer is Don't use a ScrollView inside of ScrollView2D but my App is made for 7" 600x1024 and it is usable on a 4" 480 / 272 because of a virtual screen size. Something that could make a lot of App down would compatible