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Hi guys, first of all, have a wonderful new year...
I am using a scrollview2D (Scrollview 2D Library, nicely developped by @Informatix)
I placed some views on it and when I click each of them, each item is drawn as "selected" (I change its color).
I want to disable all selections if I click inside the scrollview without hitting any of the views inside.
I think need the "PanelClick" event of the scrollview2D, but cannot find.
I've also tried (bad thing) to re-initialize the Panel after creating then view, and wrote: sv.panel.initialize("pnl"), but it didn't work.
Is there any other way to achieve my goal?
I would prefer, if possibile, not to add a container panel in scrollview
Thank in advance


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ScrollView2D does not have any click event.
The 'standard' Android ScrollViiew does not have any either.
The solution is what you want to avoid, add a Panel, then you have all freedom to do whatever you want.
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