B4i Library SD: ImageCrop

This new library will allow you to make cuts on images in a square (rectangular), circle and ellipse.
Moreover, the image can be enlarged by the user, and rotated to obtain different cuts.
I have used XUI libraries, if I have time I convert it to Android.

The full version will be distributed to those making a donation. You can contact me in private.


Author: Star-Dust
Version: 0.09
  • ImageViewCrop
    • Events:
      • Cropped
    • Functions:
      • Class_Globals As NSString*
      • CutImage As NSString*
        Set Cut Operation
      • DesignerCreateView (Base As NSObject*, Lbl As B4ILabelWrapper*, Props As B4IMap*) As NSString*
        Base type must be Object
      • FillImageToView (bmp As B4XBitmapWrapper*, ImageVw As B4XViewWrapper*) As NSString*
      • Initialize (ba As B4I*, Callback As NSObject*, EventName As NSString*) As NSString*
      • IsInitialized As BOOL
        Verifica se l'oggetto sia stato inizializzato.
      • ActiveMoveImage As NSString*
        Active/DisactiveMove Operation
      • ActiveRotateImage As NSString*
        Active/Disactive Rotation Operation
      • ActiveZoomImage As NSString*
        Active/Disactive Zoom Operation
      • ResetZoom As NSString*
        Set Zoom 100% - Fill display
    • Properties:
      • Bitmap
        Set Imag
      • Crop As NSString*
        Square, Circle, Ellipse or Star
      • CroppedBitmap As B4IBitmap* [read only]
      • Rotation As Float
        Set Degree rotation

Sample 2


  • iSD_ImageCrop 0.09.zip
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  • SampleCrop.zip
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  • SampleCro2.zip
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Darn, I could use this lib in one of my android projects.


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I have attached in the first post, the demo version and an example.

In the future I will add a ring to rotate the image that will allow you to understand how many degrees you are rotating and a similar method for zooming


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Update rel 0.08

Improvement of cutting functions.
Adding the Zoom and Rotation Ring
Possibility of cutting even with the Zoom function (or rotation) activated.

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