Wish sdk manager - reinstall and uninstall features


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I've started yesterday with the sdk manager. I had a problem; my antivirus (windows defender) detected some updating files as a virus and quarantined them during the api install process. The installation continued without error. I've unquarantined the files. Later I had some issues and took me a while to find out that the installation were corrupted because the antivirus issue (I deleted all and reinstalled again with the antivirus off and the problem was gone).

I think it could be useful to have a package reinstall button (this kind of thing with the antivirus could happen again, right?) so one doesn't have to delete (wrong?) to reinstall (and download) stuff again.

Also, a package removal could be usefuld (things one won't be using again).

Also, I think it would be practical to have an option to sort the packages tree by version, to quickly see what packages are installed of each version (now installed packages show all together at the top)



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Hi Erel, thank you for your answer.

I don't know then if "reinstall" is the word; I was thinking something like an option on an already installed component that (downloads and) copy again all (that component's) files (missing ones too). I think it has some advantages over deleting and reinstalling: no data consumed (I have an internet connection that reduces its speed after certain amount of GB downloaded/month), not having to remember already installed components that make my stuff works, no 10-15 minutes delay (too many time if i'm going desperate because my things doesn't work).


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I'm not sure that a reinstall would have helped here as some of the files were probably missing. You can always delete the folder and reinstall everything. It shouldn't take more than 10 or 15 minutes.

Where are the folders? For example after some tries with the new version 8 I ended in the AVDManager with Platforms

Platform 24 (default)
Platform 26 (google_apis)
Platform 27 (google_apis)
Platform 27 (google_apis_playstore)

How I could remove the platforms that I will not use?