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Yesterday my Emulator would not show the proper shape of an edit box that the designer would tell the emulator to display. (I'm in the Erel tutorial: First_UI_Program) This morning when the Sdk Mgr had one suggested download for me I clicked it. Then when I loaded the emulator from the Run AVD window I got the following:
'''The ADB binary found at C:\Android\sdk-tools-windows-3859397\platform-tools\adb.exe is obsolete and has seriousperformance [not my error there] problems with the Android Emulator. Please update to a newer version to get significantly faster app/file transfer.''
Also I have been getting the following every day but I dismiss it by clicking ok:
'''Your GPU driver information:
Make: 8086
Model: Intel(R) HD Graphics
Device ID: 0102

Some users have experienced emulator stability issues with this driver version. As a result, we're selecting a compatilibity renderer. Please check with your manufacturer to see if there is an updated driver available.'''
Any ideas how I should proceed?
I have to go to work soon so don't fret if I don't reply to any queries.
Thanks Shelby