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HI, All

Who knows the complete algorithm of the Java SDK wrapping for B4A, excepting the base main Don's post ?
Including the requirements to B4A classes...
And .aar files...

For example, i was trying to hope to be able to make some Java SDK working in B4A, i could do:
1) Eclipse installation, Android add-on setup
2) Adding dependencies: Android-26 source code, android.jar, B4A's core.jar
3) Got SDK in ZIP from Github, got lib .aar file and .jar from it.
4) Made by RGenerator.exe
5) Open all as the project in Eclipse
6) Imported BA-object
7) Got Errors 0, Warning 0....

and what next should be done for wrapping, if all the main functions are in .aar lib?
And SDK is not a view.
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This SDK is on Java, it seems, not Kotlin. I have .jar from .aar as in this Kotlin tutorial.
But it's big SDK, i guess, not easy to do with JavaObject.
And it's interesting the description how to make wrapper's code for B4A, supposing that the programmer is able to use the Java tools.
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