Bug? Search in Designer Variant Script Editor


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While I don't do much with variant scripts I have wondered why pressing the magnifying glass icon seems to do nothing whereas I would have expected it to let me search in the script :(

Today I needed to do some extensive revision of a script and needing to search within the script I have just noticed that it does in fact open a little Find/Replace window at the bottom of my screen with the title bar just showing above the taskbar. I can move this to expose the whole window and can now search in the variant. This is good! :)

However when I close the window the next time I click the search button the window does not remember its location and again appears nearly off the screen at the bottom :(

The PC is a Surface Studio which has a dpi of 192 and Windows 10 Pro is running on it at 200% display scaling. I assume this is a high dpi problem - like the AutoBookMarks in the title bar which I have turned off because they are truncated vertically. I guess the intent is to open the window centrally on the screen but the odd thing is that while it is correctly centred horizontally it is not vertically.

EDIT: Actually it is not centred horizontally but is a little to the right of centre which is slightly puzzling.