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Marco Maria Vilucchi

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i'm trying to use the class in the link (by Erel).

I have 2 needs.

1) I would at the start, like in case of selectedchanged, that listview (lv) was not visible
2) I want to change listview color

In both cases if I add istrucions the App wait many seconds to show listview and then doesn't consider the istuctions.
I modified your code.
Here the code.

Case 1
Private Sub et_TextChanged (Old As String, New As String)
If lv.Visible = False Then lv.Visible = True
If et.Text=Null Then lv.Visible = False '<=== I insert This istruction
End Sub
Case 2
Public Sub Initialize (Callback As Object, EventName As String)
et.ShowClearButton = True
lv.Initialize("lv", False)
lv.Visible = False
lv.Color=Colors.LightGray '<==== I insert this istruction
mCallback = Callback
mEventName = EventName
End Sub

Marco Maria Vilucchi

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no, sorry, it isn't the matter.
Try Case 2 to your code (just an istruction).
It doesn't work
No color is added

About Case 1 how can I have lv not visible at start of App?
it seems that the App feel always TextChanged although not change