iOS Question SecKeychainItemImport: Unknown format in import Error


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Hi, we have the following issue when trying to run a B4i Bridge Build “Error: security: SecKeychainItemImport: Unknown format in import.”

I have looked at other posts with the same or similar issue but seem to be going around in circles.

App has been in development for several years, so a mature project, however certificates expired some time ago and we now need to look at releasing an update, so trying to get everything up and running on a new PC, plus renew the Certification etc.
  • Using Hosted Mac Builder
  • B4i V7.8
  • Windows 11 Pro (21H2)
I have installed various versions of JAVA and made sure that B4i is pointing to the correct folder:
  • microsoft-jdk-
  • jdk-17_windows-x64_bin
  • jdk-8u311-windows-x64
I have recreated certSigningRequest and used that to create new Certificates and Provisioning files (old ones had expired)

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Erel, thanks for the reply.

I have deleted and re-created Certificates / Profiles / Keys etc multiple times and looked at the screen shots and video, but still receive the error.

I have just created a new Certificate and Provisioning Profile as shown below.

There must be something else I'm missing, not doing correctly or some other issue related to the installation of software.



Provisioning Profile

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