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Althought not finished yet, I've this project at 75% (hope) finished (objectives were learn linux, NodeMCU, use devices on my own and have a safety home)

The core system is a Rpi3, which:
- Have a cheap USB camera attached (PS2 eyetoy camera)
- Runs Debian OS
- Motion software installed
- Webadmin software installed
- Some bash scripts to sync image/videos to GDrive, find last snpashot, etc..
- B4J non UI program to:
- Send mails to Phone App with snapshot image
- Send FB notifications to Phone App (now FB notifications directly from NodeMCU devices)
- Enable/disable Alarm/motion system (now on Phone App directly to Motion system)

There're additional components like:
- B4R coded: 2 Node MCU1.0 devices connected to a Magnetic Reed Swtichs and a alarm horn
- Router with internet connection and DDNS (NoIP software --not yet)

B4A Phone App to:
- Set alarm on-off, get snapshot, see video stream, etc...
- Receive Firebase Notifications (door open-close, motion event detection, alarm on-off)
- GDrive read image/videos
- SQLite DB events registered

Hope it will be finished soon !
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A lot of different (software) technology involved in your project.
Good luck and keep us updated.


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Yes , with your code (

D1 Pin (Magnetic Reed) --> DPswitchdoor.AddListener
D2 pin Led (shows if Magnetic Reed Switch is Open)
D3 Pin Horn/buzzer sound when Magnetic Reed Open
On DPswitchdoor.AddListener (State as Boolean):
  • If State=False --> FB notification ("Open")/D1.DigitalWrite(True)- D2.DigitalWrite(True)
  • If State=True --> FB notification ("Close")/D1.DigitalWrite(False)- D2.DigitalWrite(False)