Bug? Selection of class subs


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It should be get_Counter, but shows only _Counter


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You should use
getCounter() As String
in this case Counter is considered by the compiler as a property !
So you should return a value for Counter.
You could also use setCounter to set the Counter property.
If you want the routin being a subroutine you could use GetCounter or Get_Counter, in this case they will be considered as routines and not as Properties.


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I understood.

Please, put yourself in the position of a beginner.

What happen in my case :

1) Definitly I use jk.get_Counter and it works without an error.

2) On the right site I see in the List (tab modules) get_Counter

3) I only dont see it correct in the combobox.

For a beginner this is certainly not clear
What can be or not the developer of b4a should control. (Warning .... and so on)