B4R Question Sending MQTT messages with gprs shield?


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I'm very new to Arduino and B4R and I'm still learning the basics.

My goal is to create a piece of hardware which is able to communicate with an MQTT broker over a GSM/GPRS shield.

I know there is an MQTT tutorial for B4R but this uses an ethernet connection. There is also a tutorial for gsm/gprs communication but this uses only SMS messages to communicate.

Is it possible to create a connection to an MQTT broker over GPRS? The hardware will work in my car so there is no way to use wifi. I need to use gsm/gprs connection.


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I've created an example of sending http requests with the GSM shield: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/http-requests-with-gsm-shield.81382/
The implementation is based on the internal AT modem. Creating a TCP connection is a pretty complicated task, especially as there are all kinds of shields with different modules.

I recommend you to plan the solution based on http requests.
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