B4R Question Serial1.Initialize change Default Parity

Michael Sergio

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I`m testing a nano board, and I want to use the TX0 and RX0 for communication.
I successfully established a connection with a RS232 printer, in order to see if i can use the Serial other than Logging.
But what i truly need is to connect another device to this Serial, but i need the "SERIAL_8E1" (parity even).
Is there some way to use the Serial1.Initialize with "SERIAL_8E1" instead of the default "SERIAL_8N1"?
I tried using inline C for the Serial0, but its not working.
void SerialNative0(B4R::Object* unused) {
::Serial0.begin(9600,SERIAL_8E1); //<--You can change the baud rate
b4r_main::_serialnative0->wrappedStream = &::Serial0;

I dont think is implemented.
Thank you.