Android Question Set the "SmoothScrollTo" speed of ScrollView2D

Martin D.

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Maybe this could be done using reflection or javaobject but I'm not skilled enough to find out how.

Any hint ? Thanks a lot.


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A poke around inside the ScrollView2D library shows that the animation is a standard animation whose rate is controlled by the currentAnimationTimeMillis setting obtained from the AnimationUtils class. I assume the value of this setting is used to obtain a consistent animation effect across all animations in the UI and it is probably a bad idea to try to set it for an individual view. I can't find, though I haven't looked very hard, where the value of this setting might be changed except possibly as indicated in the next paragraph.

I actually know nothing about Android's animation mechanism as I loathe animations, it is the first thing I turn off in a new Windows or Android device. There are three animation scale settings in Developer Options that determine the Android animation behaviour. I don't know what effect they have as I always immediately set all three to Off. You could play with them to see what effect they have. I believe they can be set set programmatically (obviously as Developer Options does it!) but the app needs to be flagged as a System app to be allowed to do this.
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