Android Question Setting daily multiple reacuring alarm


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I've been searching some time now, but till now with no luck.

I would like to set daily multiple recurring alarms.
03:00, 03:15, 06:00, 06:15, 09:00, 09:15, 12:00, 12:15 ......

Till now I've been trying this by comparing "DateTime.Time" and when the same, trigger the alarm.
Unfortunately (for me) DateTime.Time is in Epoch/Unix format.
ie: 1423940165 month/day/year/hours/minutes/seconds.
As it's a daily returning alarm I do not really need month/day/year.

What would be a proper way of doing this be?
Small code example would be great!

Thank you.


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I've already got a working version using StartServiceAt.
Only problem I'm stuck with now is that it will only trigger the alarm when DateTime.Time = 1423940165 (example)

I would like to trigger it when DateTime.Time = 18:56:05 and not 2/14/2015/18:56:05

I guess I could convert the Epoch time back, do a trim on it to remove the month, day, year, and than do a compare..

Anyway.. I'll do some more reading and keep trying.
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