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Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by willisgt, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. willisgt

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    I'm wondering two things:

    1.) What sort of information is stored in a Windows Mobile 'theme'? By that, I mean the theme a user can select in Start > Settings > Today.

    2.) How can I get to that information?

    My goal is to have my application mirror the user's selected theme, especially with respect to color, font, and font size.

    Strange to think I'm even worried about such a thing... I recall having more than one discussion on the virtues of green vs. amber monochrome displays, back in the day...

  2. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    Green, every time, and driven by a Hercules card!
  3. willisgt

    willisgt Active Member Licensed User

    What I've learned on this...

    For those who may be wondering, here's what I've learned on this:

    1.) The data is stored in a kind of a CAB file. These are stored in either the Windows or My Documents folders. The files have an extension of *.tsk.

    2.) The registry entries which store the data are:


    I'm using an altered version of the code Erel uses in GPS4PPC to locate the COM ports to try to resolve the values for these, but I'm doing something wrong. Admittedly, I know almost nothing about the Windows registry.

    Sub Globals

    'Declare the global variables here.

    Dim subKeys(0As String   
    Dim values(0As String

    End Sub

    Sub App_Start


    'Gets the list of active drivers.

    If CPPC Then

          registry.RootKey( registry.rtCurrentUser )

    'Gets the list of active drivers.
          subKeys() = registry.GetSubKeyNames( "Software\Microsoft\Today" )   ' "Drivers\Active"

          subkeycount = ArrayLen( SubKeys() )

    "subkeys: " & subkeycount )

    For i = 0 To subkeycount - 1

             values() = registry.GetValueNames( 
    "Software\Microsoft\Today\" & subKeys(i) ) ' Drivers\Active\

    For i2 = 0 To ArrayLen( values() ) - 1

    If values( i2 ) = "Name" Then 'Checks if Name value exists.

                   name = registry.GetValue( 
    "Software\Microsoft\Today\" & subKeys(i), "Name" )   ' Drivers\Active\

                   key = registry.GetValue( 
    "Software\Microsoft\Today\" & subKeys(i),"Key" )   ' Drivers\Active\
                   al.Add( name & ": " & registry.GetValue( key, "FriendlyName" ) ) 'Gets the FriendlyName value.



                   al.Add( values(i2) & 
    ": (no name)" )

    End If

    For j = 0 To registry.ValueCount( subKeys(i) ) - 1
    "value: " & registry.GetValue( subKeys(i), values(i2) ) )



    For i = 0 To al.Count-1
             lb.Add( al.Item(i) ) 
    'Adds the values to the ListBox.



    "Please run this program on a mobile device." )

    End If

    End Sub
    As always, any help on this is greatly appreciated.


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