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What are you using B4X for?
professional and personal apps
orientations : Sciences, productivity, language...ex : database for purchases, database for energy consumption, sequensial map for driving and replacing GPS and paper books, short stories for adults and kids, etc...

How did you discover B4X?
Many times I saw B4X in the web, but I was not immedliatly interested by it, because I wasn't ready for using it. It was when I needed solething stronger then access or XL that I made care about this, new functions and so on.

What were you using before B4X?
CPU assembly 8086, 8709, first basic in the 80's, I tried my first PC an american Sirius 86 with Sirius Basic, VBA, PHP, HTML, etc, etc

What have you learnt while developing with B4X?
efficiency, quick answers to the problems, a fantastic team, opened in which we feel a good humour.
The site is very rich.

What are your future plans with B4X?
I would like to develope apps for helping poeple in different conditions of life in the world. For instance, with my wife, we collect many informations for creating a database with the endemic plants to help poeple to survive regarding to food, plaster, in a nutshell, to bring quick and efficient solutions for everyone living in bad conditions, in countries or lands they don't know their ressources capabilities...Huge work !
I'll begin with the plants of my lands...

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At this moment i have not much time to write my entire story, maybe one day i'll spend a bit of time.. but my story can be reassumed with two main steps:

- 2013, when i was studying at school.
Teacher: Marco, do you want to enter in our android developing team?
Me: Of course prof, what i need to do? I never tried Android Studio
Teacher: Read about B4A, we develop using it
Me: You're crazy prof, i don't want to learn this language.. i hate basic, and i don't think this rad could let us to develop brilliant apps...

- 2020, meanwhile i'm working for a company in a fullstack team (mobile, BE with .Net, FE with Angular)
Me: Dear collegues, have you really never listen about B4X?? Are you crazy??? It's fantastic, you can develop that bla bla bla.. you can do that bla bla bla... 5 minutes for a complete firebase app bla bla bla... yeah shared code for all platforms... no no i don't like xamarin... nativescript, what?? Learn b4x, trust me


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I am a programmer since beginning 80s and started with basic and pascal. Later I had to learn c and c++ and - also later - JAVA. But. When I had first contact to B4x it was hard for me to get what it really can do and I forgot about it a time. However, I came back while I had to write some apps and I could not do this in plattform independent way except I would write a JAVA App. So I got in contact to B4x again and started to write my first JAVA App in B4x cause writing with Java byself is for a creapy app also a creapy way. With B4x it was lightweight and so I started. From beginning I was remembered to old times of writing Basic/Z Applications for MSDOS and on my old Apple II for CP/M. However I was learning really fast coding for B4J and was getting that I can use all of the knowloedge for B4A, B4I and B4R. So my new way of coding was born. As a bridge from the old times of Basic/Z, later TurboBasic from Borland, later PowerBasic. So, yes: it is not a BASIC and no, it is still a basic. It depends how you look on it.

Most laughing about I was when I was rewriting old code for an old customer wich wanted to get his old app away from Apple II (yes, he used it until 2020 for his business for spare part management.....when I saw the old app I was laughing about - how easy it was to rebuild the app with B4j within two days.

So: I am now on the Line of B4x Compilers for all of my interests. Why using C and C++ if there is no need and: how using them if it has to be cross plattform? B4x is the right solution and I will not stop to use it.


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Here is my "story"

What are you using B4X for?

Im using B4X for hobby only although I did wrote a few "Pro" Apps !
I enjoy new techs, electronics, IoT, microcontrolers
I enjoy, image processing, signal processing, real time Apps, drones, robotics, gyros, accelero and all sensors !
I hate designing nice looking UIs ...
I have not enough time for now ...

How did you discover B4X?

I was an addict of PocketPC and PC dev using VB.Net for both platforms. Then IOS entered into the place. I tryed to develop in ObjectiveC with a little success and quickly discovered that Apple is really too closed for my Open source hobby spirit. So I decided to give up IOS, sold my tablet and my phone and jumped to Android... then searched the net for a fast and efficient development platform and discovered Basic4 Android. This was in 2013 (already...)

What were you using before B4X?

PIC microcontrolers with Assembler and C
PocketPC and PC with Visual Studio and VB.Net

What have you learnt while developing with B4X?

A really good understanding on how Android platform is internally working. All the Google's ecosystem. Good programming tricks.
How to make money with Ads and selling Apps (this was really not foreseen for me !)
The forum help and friendly spirit
The impressive productivity and kindness of Erel... Always on line !

What are your future plans with B4X?

I will go on using B4X for my Android Apps (although going to kotlin might be another option ?)
I really enjoy how easy it is to develop apps with B4A.
I probably will not use it for B4R as I am rather "fluent" with arduino IDE and C
I possibly will try my "comingOut" on IOS (with B4i) but only for my more than 500k downloads Android Apps !

Seven years later I feel like into a family in this community !