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Hello everyone, I wrote a shopping app. Unfortunately I have no one to test. It would be nice if one or the other of you had a look at the app and made a few entries. It may well be that there are still errors or that some things are not practical. Maybe something is missing that would fit well in the app. The app is in German.
Here is the download B4i/B4a:
The link is no longer valid
I wish you a happy new year


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A few little things changed:

- Menu item: In the market
- All fields except for the "OK" label

- Menu item: Edit products
- New menu item
- Sort by "OK / Product"
- When opening it is sorted according to "OK / Product"

- Fixed bugs:
- edit products
- TxtSearchFilter_TextChanged ("", "")

- In the market
- TxtSearchFilter_TextChanged ("", "")

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