iOS Question SignInWithGoogle Issue


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Hi All, Good Day for EveryOne,

I am already running the Google Authentication Sample for IOS (Everything is OK with the Sample), however I am trying to include this SignInWithGoogle function in my final IOS App (I already has this app running in Android).

a) Sample App use the Defaul Model: auth.SignInWithGoogle(Page1) => OK

b) My App is B4XPages: Main.auth.SignInWithGoogle(B4XPages.GetPage("MainPage")) =/= -[b4i_b4xmainpage view]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x282780210

I am getting error messages when calling Main.auth.SignInWithGoogle because seem it require a Page, but I am using B4XPages

Thanks in Advance any help with B4XPages and Firebase Auth

Best Regards