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As I understood from previous posts silent push notifications can execute some code for 30 seconds after having received a silent notification. This is only true as long as the app has not been closed by the user, which might be a problem.

I understood that meanwhile there is a way for a silent notification to start the app when needed (pushkit).

Is PushKit meanwhile supported somehow, or is there any other way to accomplish this meanwhile ? Sending a non-silent notification to the user when his/her app is closed, unfortunately is no option.

Alternatively: would it be possible to UIBackgroundModes fetch for my application to do something regularly (in that case not triggered by a notification message) even when the application has been closed by the user ?

Thanks !
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Indeed, Pushkit VoIP notifications are the only ones that can raise your app in any situation (even if swipe-killed), but can't be used for other purposes than VoIP calls (before, many apps used them for other purposes due to this 'capability', until Apple decided to be more strict with this).
If the app has been swipe-killed, there is no way, that I know of, to do anything 'silently' (I would be really happy to be wrong).
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