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Hi Guys

B4A really got me hooked. I've been in the Program industry for 26 years, from Mainframe to PC's in 16 Different Languages, starting ages ago with Dos 2.1.. (Damn now I sound old)
Anyway, during the years you get use to a certain "feel" when programming.
Now my question. Is there specific guide/standards for designing Android Apps.
eg Button Sizes, Titles etc, calling panels etc...
My programs will be mostly for clients, and not really available on the Market, but I would like to start "correct" when designing.

Thanks, appreciate


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  1. As in everything in life, design is a matter of taste...
Take the buggati Veyron... Personally I hate its design, while youngsters seem to just love it...
Still, there are app types that kinda of always had the same layout throughout the ages...
It all depends on comfort of use and user-friendship.
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