Android Question SimpleExoPlayer full screen and get elapsed time.


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Hello every one ,I am newer here ,and i have three questions ,any one can help me ,thanks.
1. how to full screen the SimpleExoPlayer.
2. here is a srt file ,can it work with SimpleExoPlayer. Can i get elapsed time of current video of SimpleExoPlayer by code ?
i want to show the words of srt into a label.
-----------------for example------------------------
00:00:02,900 --> 00:00:05,400
I stand before you not only as your Queen
when the video elapsed time between 00:00:02,900 and 00:00:05,400
the label will show the words: I stand before you not only as your Queen
3.How can i pick up one word of this sentence,such as i click the word Queen ,how can I get it by code.
If i don't understand the word "Queen" ,when i click the world it will translate it and show in another label.
because I can't get words from the video but i have the SRT file.


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I understand you have a big problem, but you didn't have to take the picture off the TV...
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Hi Erel, the srt can work with SimpleExoPlayer.
How can I get the elapsed time of current video,It's important to me.
or know which subtitle the video is displaying (by code)
AH, getCurrentPosition works.
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