Android Question Smart watch expertise required


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Hi all, I am a member of e-NABLE, a volunteer group that 3D prints free prosthetic hands, mainly for kids. The group website is e-NABLE has recently become involved with a project to develop "inventions" to assist stroke patients with their recovery.

Many stroke patients suffer "left side neglect", where the patient "forgets" to use their left arm, etc. The idea is to have a system that reminds them to keep on moving the left side. One way to do this would be with a smart watch, utilising its sensors in an app that monitors movement.

My programming skills in this space fall far short of what would be required. Would someone in the B4X community with the smart watch skills care to get involved? The cheaper the better, so I was thinking of using a cheap (sub $50 watch). All it needs is the sensors and an accessible API.

More about this on the e-NABLE open forum.