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In Outlook library SMSInterceptor can catche SMS, but only received SMS, not sent SMS if it was sent by Outlook.
Also sometimes it's good to delete sms from Outlook -sent & receved.


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I've recently abandoned my old faithful Nokia 6600 for the new HTC Kaiser which is WM6.
Unfortunately I'm now unable to save all my text messages as I previously did.
With the 6600 I used a little App called SMS Diary to list all the stored messages (
I do this for legal reasons and would really like to recreate something similar using B4PPC.

Please can you advice me if it is possible to capture my outgoing text messages along with the received messages. I've been looking through MSDN and it seems like it's only possible to intercept incoming messages, but then I'm only a novice at programming and may I've misunderstood.

This is very important to me as these messages may prove to be the determining factor in any future legal proceedings.

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Thanks for the response Erel.

I feared this was the case, and had thought like you suggest that my application would have to send the message.
My only concern is that then it may not be admissible in court?
I liked the idea of intercepting messages because the original message is still stored on the phone. My application would be used purely as a way of displaying the messages and if there was any dispute over the genuiness of the message then the original would still be present for interrogation.
Having my application create and save the messages could be considered a little dubious :sign0079:

Keep up the great work Erel :sign0188: