Android Question SNMP Advice Please


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Hi Guys.
Need some advice. It's not really b4A related, but it's the only Android Forum I'm subscribed too.

Currently running PRTG Network monitor on a Client server, monitoring PC's Bandwidth/traffic, using SNMP with different sensors.Mostly ftp/http/email
Client recently installed WIFI on the server, and all staff can access Wifi on their phones. 80% of the connections is Android Smartphones,
How can I monitor these phones Internet/Traffic/bandwidth usage.
All Phones has Static IP addresses. I can get the "Ping" to work on the Network Monitor, but that's about it, Nothing else.
Does android support SNMP or something similar. or is there any other APP that will do that

Thanks in advance


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Not natively, bu I have seen some third party libraries for Android and SNMP. They wound have to be wrapped or called via JavaObject. I haven't had the need for snmp for droids yet, so I don't really know what all is out there.

--- Jem
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