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Hello everyone. This time I want to share a small puzzle game.


SoftSlide Puzzle is a traditional sliding puzzle game with extended functions that make it the best and most addictive puzzle game of this style.

Among other functions:

* More than 50 high quality images
* 10 levels with 5 images each that will test your skill and mental quickness.
* Challenge mode with increasing difficulty.
* Master mode at the end of the challenge mode with exclusive images and impossible puzzles.
* Time trial mode.
* Possibility of choosing between puzzles type 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5.
* Bonus for solving puzzles in less time and movements.
* Visualization of the image before starting the puzzle
* Remix function in case you get stuck after many moves and prefer to start again.
* Local and global ranking system.
* Possibility to continue with your game where you left it.

SoftSlide Puzzle assures you a lot of hours of fun solving the proposed puzzles.

In future updates:

-More game modes
-Most fantastic images
-Most hours of play



I hope you enjoy it.
Greetings and thank you.
Thank you to Johan Schoeman, Erel and b4x for this.

Sorry for my english.
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Very nice/professional looking


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It looks good. But my main advice would be to make it support English. The English speaking market is massive and will really help your download numbers
Hey, thanks for your comment.
SoftSlide puzzle works in Spanish or English depending on the language configuration of your terminal.
I did it like this in order to reach more people :)
Try it and if you think something is not right I change it: p
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Thank you for your response. Could you tell me library's name or link?
Of course!

This is the lib.