Android Question (Solve) Small problems with applications and the sdk 29 with android 10Q

jose luis gudino

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Hello everyone, I have had a series of problems with applications dating back more than 3 and 4 years that have been working correctly until I had to migrate to sdk 29 and tried it on android10Q.

one of the things that I had to change the folder location of the folder "DirRootExternal" by "DirInternal".

I have also had problems with Copying from the camera folder and deleting from the gallery in version sdk29 and android 10.

Another problem occurs to me with an "HttpJob" I have two phones exactly the same with the android version 10, in one the webservice works and in the other it does not work, I am sure it is a problem with the operating system.

My question in particular is someone would have a list of the changes that must be made to the applications when migrating to sdk 29?
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