B4J Question [Solved][ABMaterial] Read values from a table within a table

John Naylor

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B4J - 8.5
ABM - 4.51

Is it possible to read values of a component that's on a secondary table within a primary table?

I have given each sub table a unique ID based on the id of row it supports but I don't seem to be able to get to it later.

What I want to do is read the value of each id (hidden) and ABMInput on the sub table when I hit the Add/Update button.

    Dim StockSearchTable As ABMTable = LookupPartsmodal.Content.Component("stocksearchtable")    'Works
    Dim SubTable As ABMTable = LookupPartsmodal.Content.Component ("UID247")        'Doesn't work

The sub table is added like this

            rCellValues.Add(BuildOtherTable("UID" & tblFields.Get("id"), tblFields.Get("id"))) ' This is the actual stock and location